Tips for Catching Salmon When Fishing in Western New York

Salmon Fishing in WNY

It’s about that time of year: back-to-school for the kids, teens and college-aged young adults. That said, it’s also the time of year when Lake Ontario Chinook and Coho salmon are beginning to stir restlessly in local waters. Indeed, they’ll be gathering into schools and want to head upstream in the streams along the lake’s shoreline, ready to spawn. When this migration takes place, it’s a great time to fish for salmon with True Blue WNY Fishing Charters.

Salmon Fishing in WNY

Salmon are in Lake Ontario, the Niagara River and other local WNY waters. Usually they’re in deeper waters until they’re ready to spawn. It does help to have a boat equipped with a fish finder to see where they are at the present moment. Fish finding equipment uses sonar– it echoes bottom, and whatever’s “in between” helps show you the approximate depth where fish can be found.

How are salmon different from other fish, like walleye or bass? Salmon don’t hang around in structure and then venture out to eat once or twice daily. Instead, salmon are on the move most of the day. They love looking for and following baitfish.

If you’re looking for salmon in Western New York, a good spot is at the fishing pier at the base of the Robert Moses Power Plant or at “Devil’s Hole.”

Did you know the Niagara River supplies Lake Ontario with about 80% of its water? The outflow of this river is a powerful attraction to many fish, including salmon. The lower river is known for Chinook salmon, steelhead (rainbow trout) and walleye fishing. Salmon season on the river is best in September and October.

True Blue WNY Fishing Charters can arrange a salmon fishing trip for you in the coming weeks. See where we fish here. In Western New York, there are so many great fishing spots and many species available to catch… so if you’ve been thinking of taking a fishing trip but could use some guidance, a smart captain, and a good boat, True Blue’s your best choice. Please call Dan at 716-830-9098 or email You can also click here to reserve your charter date.