Reasons to Take Your Child on a Guided WNY Fishing Charter

Fishing With a Guide

Fishing can be quite the solitary sport, can’t it? Some guys go at it alone, all the time, but they’re missing out on the camaraderie of having others along with them. More specifically, dads and moms should be bringing their kids along with them on fishing trips. Why? Well, it’s prime bonding time, in nature, and those are the kind of memories a kid will think about and truly appreciate decades later when they’re all grown up. Memories of video game wins will fade, but that time dad got his hook snagged on his pants and ripped a hole in ‘em? Laughs for years!

The Benefits of Taking Your Child on a Fishing Trip

If you’re an adult, can you think back to when you were young? Did your parent take you fishing? If so, how did that make you feel? For most people, it was a really special moment because it was away from the house, trying something different where you might catch something (or you might not), and, best of all, it was “one-on-one” time with mom or dad. It seemed like it was you two against the world– and you talked about stuff– stuff that normally wouldn’t come up in conversation at home. There’s just something about fishing that puts people at ease (most of the time) and gets them to open up about their thoughts, dreams and feelings.

Of course, not all parent-kid fishing trips are cerebral, covering the big questions of life… sometimes it’s just plain old fashioned fun… and that’s a mighty good reason to bring kids along on a fishing adventure.

Captain Dan, of True Blue WNY Fishing Charters, welcomes families aboard his fishing boat that tackles Lakes Erie and Ontario in Western New York. He knows that a great way for a family to have healthy fun together is a day on the boat, fishing on the lake.

Fishing teaches kids a number of things, including patience as they wait and see if fish are biting (or not). It also gives kids an appreciation for time spent outdoors with the wind in their hair, the sounds of birds above, and the spray of crashing waves gently getting them wet. In a world dominated by technology and video gaming on devices, isn’t it nice to know fathers still take sons out fishing? Moms take sons, too. Parents take kids. It’s all good.

Finally, it’s a smart idea to bring kids along on a True Blue trip because it’ll give them a chance to put their problem solving skills to the test, realize that rewards come from dedication and hard work, and a instill in them a sense of self-reliance– that if all else failed, they could feed themselves thanks to knowing how to fish.

Bring the kids on a fishing adventure with True Blue WNY Fishing Charters; call 716-830-9098 to plan your trip today.