How Anglers of All Experience Levels Benefit From Fishing With a Guide

Fishing With a Guide

True Blue WNY Fishing Charters offers fishing trips with a professional guide. How can both novices and experienced anglers benefit from fishing with a professional guide?

How Fishing Guides Help Novice Anglers

For novices, a guide helps them learn the basics of catching a fish. For experienced anglers, a guide helps them discover new and interesting ways to catch more/bigger fish.

Fishing can be a lifetime sport. It’s often the kind of activity that helps bring friends and family together. There’s skill involved in fishing, so it’s a good idea for a novice to learn from someone who has “been there, done that” already… a professional guide can be a great teacher. Furthermore, a guide knows the lingo and can teach it to newbies so they know what others are talking about– just like with any sport or hobby, there are certain words and phrases that are unique to fishing. Meanwhile, guides have taken the time and money to invest in things like reels, poles, bait and boats– something the novice probably has not done. Therefore, the guide has the needed supplies and equipment for a successful expedition– more so than if a novice was to go out on their own.

How Fishing Guides Help Experienced Anglers

As for more experienced anglers, they usually want to catch more/bigger fish. However, just like with losing weight, it’s easy to hit a plateau where nothing changes and it can get discouraging… that’s where a guide comes in handy. A professional fishing guide is likely going to tell an experienced angler something he or she doesn’t know– and then they can put this new knowledge/technique/approach into practice. Oftentimes, imparted wisdom helps improve their catch in such a way that they can’t wait to take pictures and say, “Look what I did!” It’s not unusual for experienced anglers to even become friends with their guide– someone they can fish with again and again over time. They like that their guide is out on the water more than them, to the point where the guide “knows where to go” to “find the fish.” This takes some pressure off them.

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