Welcome To True Blue Fishing Charters, Located in Buffalo, NY

When I first started teaching my 4 children how to fish more than 30 years ago, I did it because I loved to fish and wanted to pass my love for the sport on to them. Since retiring after 33 years in the Air Force Reserve, I decided to share my fishing experience with the world through True Blue WNY Fishing Charters.

Whether you’re looking to take a family fishing charter or you’re searching for a fishing guide service, I offer charters for both novice fishing enthusiasts and experienced anglers. Although I am a Buffalo, NY native and based out of the area, I cater to all of Western New York. You’ll gain a better understanding of fishing with me at the helm and will appreciate all that goes into tracking and catching fish.

“I truly believe there isn’t anything that brings people together and helps them enjoy nature quite like fishing does”


With fishing charters out on the waters of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, or the Niagara River, I tailor each outing to best fit the group’s interests and experience level, making sure you have a memorable fishing experience. I look forward to sharing my love of Western New York fishing with you!

– Dan Sank, Owner and Captain of True Blue Fishing Charters